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Steel Guard Fine Screens
WSG Steelgaurd® Fine Screen

Steelguard® fine screens use heavy-duty stainless steel rotating grid assemblies to perform the process of screening and removal of debris found in influent channel flow to wastewater plants.

The Steelguard® fine screen designs have been specifically developed to provide outstanding performance for normal screening requirements, and where demanding service applications are expected. These fine screen models are continuous loop, self-cleaning fine screens, using stainless steel filter elements in a high-strength assembly. As the flow passes through the stainless steel grid assembly, debris is captured and elevated to the discharge point. The majority of captured material is removed by a primary spray system, using fan spray nozzles, and then by a secondary rotating brush assembly. Discharged debris and wash water is captured in a transfer conveyor or a screw compactor.

Features and Benefits
  • 1/8" through 3/8" clear openings
  • Minimum 1/4” thick stainless steel side frame
  • 14 ga. stainless steel filter elements
  • ˝” diameter stainless steel pivot shafts
  • High strength co-polymer acetal or UHMW guide links
  • Two removable patented grid sections allow access to screen internals
  • 14 ga. stainless steel chain guards
  • Drive system - available in either chain driven or direct drive
  • Patented drive drum eliminates sprockets & the catenary boot foot design eliminates submerged sprockets and bearings.